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General support topics and information for individuals using the 10,000 Steps Program.

Support topics and information about using fitness and activity trackers with 10,000 Steps

The Members Stories section provides the opportunity for you to share your own experiences of how the 10,000 Steps program has helped you to become more active or tips that you have found helpful on your journey. Reading stories that other members have shared, and contributing your own thoughts can help to motivate you to become more active, as well as inspire others.

About the Steps ChallengeThe Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge is a key activity within Queensland Walks Month. It’s a month-long physical activity challenge starting on Tuesday 1st of August 2023. The step total from 10,000 Steps members located in Queensland will be automatically tallied during the Challenge. The Challenge will be completed on Thursday 31st August.People of all abilities can participate. Whether you walk, run, roll, stroll, swim, cycle or dance - however you choose to be physically active, all activities count and every move matters!