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Before You Start:

Before proceeding with the below steps, your Coordinator will first need to:

  • create your team within the Tournament and
  • nominate you as Team Captain (using your email address).

Your Coordinator will not be able to create your team unless you have:

  • created and verified your 10,000 Steps account, and
  • let your Coordinator know your email address.

Please reach out to your Coordinator if you have not been added to your tournament before the tournament start.

Please Note:

Once generated by either you or your Coordinator, your Team Code stays the same unless your team is deleted.

Don't have a team code? Check out How Team Captains can Generate Team Invite Codes.

Not using Team Invite Codes? See how to directly add your Team Members.

What is a Team Invite Code?

The Team Invite Code feature is designed to streamline the process of adding participants to your Tournament by allowing Coordinators and Team Captains to create a unique invite code for each team.

Using this team-specific code, your team members can add themselves to your team.

Sharing Your Team Invite Code

Your Coordinator may send you a sample message that they would like you to share alongside an invitation link and the team code.

  • Copy the sample message, edit as needed, and send it to your team members via email, messaging apps, or any preferred communication method.
  • Tip: Use a communication platform that your team members are familiar with.
  • If the team code isn't working for a team member, you can add them to the team directly. See How Team Captains can add Team Members to a Tournament
  • Touch base with your team and ensure they have actioned the Team Invite Code and are now a part of your team. Visit How participants can access Tournaments for more information.

Note: If Team Invite Codes are shared by your Coordinator to a group, make sure you doublecheck you have the right code. Team Invite Codes are unique to each team, and can be used by any 10,000 Steps member.

Only share the code with people you would like in your team. Don't share the codes on public, open or shared platforms.

Sharing Guides and Support Topics With Your Team Members

Team Captains are encouraged to share instructions on using the Team Invite Codes with their Team Members, and other support topics their team members might find useful.

Some suggested pages include:

Providing Feedback on the Team Invite Code

Feedback on new features is key to us understanding how our members use our program, along with what works and what doesn’t.

We are seeking feedback on our Team Invite Code feature from Coordinators, Team Captains and Team Members.

Please let us know what you think!


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