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Aiming for 10,000 Steps Everyday

“I got myself a pedometer which I bought in London during my recent trip there. I stayed just a fews steps from Hyde Park that triggered me to start walking. On coming back to Kuala Lumpur I stumbled into this wonderful website. Walla, I'm so pleased with my action. I stay very close to a public park with a good jogging track that surrounds a lake. Despite the fasting month, I'm able to achieve on average of 7,000 plus steps. Reading and sharing this story certainly helps me to continue with this healthy lifestyle. Being in the late 50+ I find myself transform into a newborn person. My adrenaline starts to flow again and feels good after all the hectic years of working in academia. My target is to achieve a constant 10,000 steps and beyond by end of the year.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 18 Sep 2009

I Quit Smoking and Started Walking

“I stopped smoking June 2008 after 30+ years of smoking. I am 52 years old, in September I started walking and jogging. Am now averaging over 25,000 steps a day and feel better then I have since I was in my 20's. I also play tennis and swim on a regular basis, just having a pedometer on makes me conscious of my goals.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 12 Sep 2009

Being Part of a Team

“At our school the teachers have taken up the Tournament, 3 teams of 11 and what a competition it's becoming. Being part of a team makes sure you don't get too lazy although some days I need to give my knees a bit of a rest. Have had a couple of slack days but planning to make up for it this weekend and enjoy the scenery out walking around the city. It is quite bizarre attaching your pedometer first thing in the morning, like putting your false teeth in! Our groundsman is cruising in with huge times because of all the walking he does in his job, although the lower school teachers are giving him a run for his money with all the chasing around they do. Our challenge is the Great Wall of China. Would love to do it for real!”
Anonymous, Queensland, 22 Aug 2009

This Site Keeps Me Walking

“Hello from Mexico! It's been an amazing ride, from 2,000 to 2,500 per day I am now out around 13,000 steps. And working on the 14,000 steps per day. It takes me about an hour to do 7,000 so on a good day with a couple of hours I make 13,000-14,000. But some days I only make 4,000 because I don't have time. Still, the pedometer is part of my life and at 52 I am glad to have finished July with 13,000 steps daily. This site keeps me walking.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 18 Aug 2009

One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

“I joined in January 2007 and have averaged 9,095 steps a day. I will soon have my 79th birthday. I go to the gym twice a week, dance once a week and enjoy my garden. I have slipped back lately due to a tight muscle in my hip and leg. I am so pleased I joined in 2007 as my energy levels increased from when I started. I always wear my pedometer. Joining would be one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 22 Jul 2009

My Dog is Happier Now Too

“My dog is so much happier now that I'm walking more. She has lost a bit of weight and I'm the same. My eating is still an issue but I'm so proud that at least I can consistantly get my 10,000 steps. Maybe the food will get better too someday.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 5 Jul 2009

Walking Connects Me to the World

“For me, the best thing about walking daily is getting outside and being aware of the seasonal changes in the neighbourhood. I live in a beautiful, tree filled suburb, and I get out and walk while the streets are still very quiet early in the morning. There are subtle changes every day that become part of my street's story. This morning I smelled the wattle that has just come out. I also notice the behaviour and habits of the variety of birds that share this space. Walking connects me to the world.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 2 Jul 2009

I Absolutely LOVE Entering my Daily Steps

“Before I started this 10,000 Steps program, I found that I was averaging a shocking 2,000 steps per day! My previous attitude was to park as closely as possible to wherever I was getting to, and sitting down was more comfortable than standing up, walking, and driving to get lunch. I've tried gym memberships, home gym, dance classes.. but the problem has always been lack of time between full-time work and after hours obligations. This program has changed my life. The pedometer is a great motivation tool but this website is even better! I absolutely LOVE entering my daily steps and I make a conscious decision everyday to walk around the block at work at least 4-5 times per day. I walk to get lunch and I walk while having my light wrap/sandwich roll instead of sitting down somewhere to eat. I also park further away from the shops. It is a great way to stay fit and it doesn't require too much of your time if you know how to swap "sitting around" activities with "walking around" activities.”
Anonymous, Victoria, 22 Jun 2009

I Have Never Felt Better!

“I found that after high school during University my energy and stamina was greatly reduced. Long sleepless hours before deadlines and the convenience of junk food meant that my weight began to gradually increase over this time. Now I work full time and am even more sedentary than before, at least at uni I was constantly walking around campus. But 8 months ago when I moved out of home I decided to change everything. No more junk food at all! And a minimum of 30mins exercise a day. I also started Wing Chun Kung Fu so now I can kick butt and look great and have never felt better! My weight has not changed much but it is in a normal range. I also look slimmer and what used to be loose and flabby is now tight and muscled and since fat weighs less than muscle I'm not worried. I just got my pedometer today as part of a workplace challenge so I think now I am well on my way to feeling and looking great!! I’m sure recording my steps daily will be a great way to keep me motivated! It is also great to read some of the stories here and some of them have really helped to get me motivated.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 3 Jun 2009

Keeping My Steps Up

“Hi All I am really loving being part of this challenge. Because I wear my pedometer all day every day I am aware of how much I have to keep moving to keep my steps up. Being office bound 5 days a week it is really important to get out at lunch time and have a walk for 2 reasons, clear the head and get some fresh air. I have ridden my bike to work again, and although it is getting cool in the morning it is such a great time to be on the bike.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 8 May 2009

Walking and Learning!

“I have to thank 10,000 Steps for improving my general knowledge. Why? Well, I download podcasts from the ABC on topical information both national and international and listen as I walk. I often have to get out the atlas or search the internet for further information when I get home. Not only am I enjoying my walking, but improving my knowledge at the same time.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 27 Mar 2009

Just Keep Walking

“I congratulate everyone who manages to reach at least 10,000 steps a day. I have been trying, but it means finding the extra time to go for walks. Like today I had not been feeling well and stayed home. I was amazed at the length of the walk I needed to take to make up for this inactivity. I was determined to make it and I eventually reached over it. I am now determined to "just keep walking".”
Anonymous, Victoria, 9 Mar 2009

Reaching 10,000 Steps Before Bed

“Thank you all for your stories, I find them motivating. I found this site and a pedometer in November 2008 and was shocked at how little steps I am taking. I am studying but spend most of my time stressed about it and on the couch. I finally committed to 10,000 steps and have just finished my first month of it. YAY!! I couldn't wait to get the numbers in and see my chart. I won't go to bed if I haven't walked a minimum of 10,000 even if it means doing housework at double time or doing laps up and down my street at midnight. I am very grateful to the people who have established and continue to maintain and upgrade this site. You are all helping me keep moving and become more healthy.”
Anonymous, Western Australia, 2 Mar 2009

Finding the Community

“I found the 10,000 Steps website as it was printed on my pedometer, it has given me the incentive I had been lacking to do my walking on a daily basis. I am thoroughly enjoying my walk through France. I had always been an extremely active person but over the last 18 months it had all slipped away. Lots of issues in my life during that time but I have now found myself again & am enjoying this site immensely. My friends are not interested in walking so it is a solitary pursuit but now I have 10,000 steps it doesn't seem like that anymore. I am so encouraged by all the stories I have read and cannot wait to reach my first target for the month. I only joined this month.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 19 Feb 2009

Positive Stories

“I am loving all of these stories. The people on here are so positive and give such wonderful stories of their lives. I am walking about 15,000 steps a day and it can be difficult but so rewarding. I eat a pretty balanced diet and I am trying to drink more water! Very difficult with the water though. I home school to my nine year old son and now he wants to start walking as well”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 14 Feb 2009

Timer to Keep Active

“This is my 4th year of step-counting and I sometimes joke I am going to have my pedometer grafted into my waistline for more convenience. This is also the first time in my life that I have maintained this consistency with any form of exercise. My dietician recommended 12,500 steps a day and I have been maintaining it. To combat the time spent at my computer, I use a timer which rings every 30 minutes. I position it far away from my desk so I have to get up to turn it off and reset it. Then I take a couple of minutes to do some on-the-spot stepping or some small job which requires moving around before returning to the computer. By the end of the day, I don't have so many steps to complete. Then, if necessary, I step on the spot during TV ads, using the ad music to increase intensity.”
Yveline, New South Wales, 30 Jan 2009

Now I Run with the Dogs, go to the Gym and Swim

“I have been recording my steps for several years and increasing my goals for a few years now; entering health statistics; encouraging friends to join and using the data to illustrate case study design with measurable outcomes in my teaching. I've signed up for other websites for calorie counting and health promotion, but this one just seems to be easy, quick to use and part of my daily routine. When I first entered my steps I was more than 30 kgs heavier while challenging myself daily to reach the 10000 steps minimum. Now, I run with the dogs, go to the gym, swim, enter fun runs and generally enjoy all the benefits of excellent health. My goals are measured, graphed and highly visible so I can't delude myself or graze around with my head in the sand. Life is fuller when I am alert and alive to what is around me as well as what choices I make to achieve fitness and vitality. My friends notice and it is fun wearing things I love with the confidence that comes with having that extra spring in my step and energy to be socially engaged. I needed all the motivations this site had to offer to get moving and stay on track ... now it is fun to keep on running and get the compliments that come my way from dear friends and family.”
Jo, New South Wales, 26 Jan 2009

Motivation to Move

“I started using the pedometer and have clocked in 10,000 steps daily since Jan 2009. I also have maintained a low-carb diet since then, cutting back on my rice intake switching to partly brown rice meals. Eating less fried foods. The 10,000 Steps program has really been a motivation for me getting me to move. I have so far lost 2.5 kg and I am hoping to lose more with this walking program and healthy diet.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 23 Jan 2009

Tracking Steps

“Isn't this a fabulous site? I joined in 2004 and have so far logged 24,040,705 steps - that is so amazing. I can't say I have logged everyday but I have most days. I'm 59 years old, feel fit and healthy and I know that this site has a lot to do with that.”
Stef, Queensland, 21 Dec 2008

Stay in Bed or Get up to Walk?

“At 5.55am the alarm goes off! Do I stay in bed or do I get out and walk? While staying in bed is the more comfortable option, the walk in my Crescent is much more enjoyable. I live on acreage and therefore the morning sounds are quite different to my city cousins. As the humidity rises so does the sweat, and it feels GREAT to shower and then head into the office.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 12 Dec 2008

It Gets Easier

“I have just started the challenge through work. I actually started walking before the challenge commenced to get in some practice. I am a nurse and I realised something, I have watched people only a little older than myself in hospital because of chronic disease, which is attributed to lifestyle choices. Well I thought about that and deciced that I can do something about it now, to stop the process. I don't want to be 50ish ending up in hospital with regrets, thinking "if only I'd started walking 10 years ago". Well it is 10 years ago and I am now walking. I've halted things that could happen later in my life by setting myself this challenge. 10,000 steps a day, not hard, and getting easier every day.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 11 Dec 2008

Challenge Goal

“Since joining 10,000 Steps I have begun to participate in the Challenges. I am now averaging over 10,000 steps each day. Yahoo! Currently though I'm not climbing too many mountains, so am hoping to factor in an incline on the treadmill so I can tackle those alps. I am inspired by the stories below.”
Anonymous, South Australia, 5 Dec 2008

Walking the Dogs Too

“I think habit is a huge step in achieving our 10,000 steps each day. I have 2 sausage dogs and know how important it is to keep them at a good weight so they don't end up with back problems, so I make myself walk them twice a day every day. Some mornings I'm very pressed for time but I still make myself go for that walk even if it ends up being a mere 5 minutes. Remember every step counts and something is better than nothing!”
Anonymous, South Australia, 1 Dec 2008

Damo,--35kgs!!! You have really

“Damo, 35kgs!!! You have really inspired me. I remember you from before and I just can't believe the change in you. You used to get puffed walking to the local McDonalds, you were always depressed and had skin disorders from way back. I saw you the other day and it took me a while to recognise you!!! Good for you. I couldnt believe how fast you were walking and how slim you looked, even in bike pants. When I feel unmotivated or depressed I just think of you and it just perks me right up. I hope one day to have your energy and positive outlook. Sean (Used to love pizza)”
Anonymous, Australian Capital Territory, 24 Nov 2008

Damo,-Your story amazes me.

“Damo, Your story amazes me. I have started my 10,000 steps challenge only 2 month ago and still can't drop my weight, but after reading your story it has given me the motivation to keep going. Hopefully in the future I won't feel as guilty eating my big turkey sandwich. You rock! C”
Anonymous, Australian Capital Territory, 21 Nov 2008

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