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Wow Steve, you are

“Wow Steve, you are an inspiration. I will try to build my steps up more as I am only averageing 11,000 at this stage. I really need to monitor my food/calory intake too - at this stage I have just been focusing on the steps, but will add the calorie count to the mix and try to up the amount of steps every day. You are your own 'Biggest Loser' - you should write in and share your story to Slimming and Health magazine - they (and readers) would love to read it. Cheers M Stehn (Michelle)”
Anonymous, Victoria, 17 Apr 2008

Wow Steve - your

“Wow Steve - your story is simply amazing, thanks for sharing it. Did you alter your food intake or diet in any way? Hope I can follow your example. Cheers M. Stehn”
Anonymous, Victoria, 16 Apr 2008

Hi M.Sten.-Yes diet intake

“Hi M.Sten. Yes diet intake is around a strict 1650-1850 calories, 28,000 steps = around a burn of 1600 calories and my body functions takes care of the rest, making my intake on average minus 200-400 calories per day = weight loss. Try walking for 75 minutes see how many steps you make in that time, then push yourself a bit more each time. 10,000 steps can be done in that time. Good luck hope this info helps. Ps. My age is 48 yrs old and feeling fantastic. Cheers Steve.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 16 Apr 2008

Hi fellow steppers, my

“Hi fellow steppers, my name is Steve and I found this site in October 2007. In October I weighed in at 112kg and couldn't walk more than 50 meters. Started logging steps with my pedometer and increased my steps very quickly. Started at 4,500 steps, it has been now 6 months and now stepping around average of 28,000 steps and now weigh in at 88kg, who needs Biggest Loser when I have walked off almost as much weight as they have for the same amount of time. My girlfreind now calls me skinny man. By using this site and the motivation of being unsatisfied with myself has changed my life for good. This site, focus and sheer detemination proves that goals can be achieved if you really want it. 6 months, 88kg, 5 million steps = wow. If I can do this, anyone can. Good luck with your goals, keep stepping. Steve.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 15 Apr 2008

Annesaar the steps do

“Annesaar the steps do work, I have been counting steps and walking faithfully for 14 months now and I have lost 50 lbs so good luck on your stepping and I know you will reach your goal. Terry USA”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 14 Apr 2008

Hello everybody,--My name is

“Hello everybody, My name is Annesaar (this is a dificult name in your country) I'm 21 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Just 2 days ago I started counting steps. That same day I found this site, which is great a great motivation for me. In the Netherlands there is almost no interest in couting steps, everybody thinks it will not work but reading all your stories makes me sure that is does work and that I hopefully will lose a lot of weight. I now weigh 97k and that's way to heavy. I am now busy with finding out how much I step normally and next week I will do my best to walk more so I will be at my goal fast. I wish everybody good luck with counting steps. Bye, Annesaar”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 14 Apr 2008

Great motivation to read

“Great motivation to read everyone's stories. I'm onto my 2nd million steps. First thing each morning I clip on the pedometer to record my steps. Average about 13,500 steps per day. Enjoy your walking everyone. Jen from Perth WA”
Anonymous, Western Australia, 12 Apr 2008

I have been entering

“I have been entering my steps for a few years now ... ever since I was searching for an example of behaviour change to demonstrate to students. This site offered different measures to build a single subject research design using multiple interventions. It was just so convenient and my goal was to increase exercise and improve levels of fitness as measured by: number of steps, changes in BMI, WHR, resting HR and I added blood pressure readings. Now I have been entering the daily log and updating my Health Assessment routinely for over 3 years. I am 30 kgs down on my original weight and able to enter fun runs, join group fitness classes everyday and swim a few kilometers several times a week. My dogs run and swim everyday. Needless to say, students in my professional interventions seminar have fun with all the graphs and tables. Some have followed my lead. The difference in zest and agility astounds me every day. I am back to running the City to Surf instead of being content to walk across the finish line. ”
Jo, New South Wales, 11 Apr 2008

Another amazing leap in

“Another amazing leap in steps by B-shift. WOW I mean you guys are just spectacular. You all seem to have the ability to walk an almost impossible amount of steps.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 7 Apr 2008

I have been on

“I have been on the site now since July 2007! I dropped off for a while because I moved overseas. I am living in the UK at the moment! I love my pedometer its the only thing that keeps me motivated and I like competing with myself! I have found a few ways to add to the steps just little things, when I was in oz I would go to an AFL match and at half time I would walk around the whole oval. surprising how many steps that adds plus gives you something to do other than eat while waiting for the remainder of the game! I also spend a little longer in the supermarket looking at different food items and I always am surprised as to how many steps that clocks up! and one day on the weekend since I have been in the UK is I go somewhere different on the weekend and have a good walkabout it makes perfect sense on every level! anyone with any other ideas?”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 4 Apr 2008

Good job Admin. You

“Good job Admin. You guys are stepping up. Anytime you would like to come walk with C-shift, you have an open invite. It's always nice to walk with someone for extra motivation. Together, we can make the steps. Keep up the strong work. Jeff”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 2 Apr 2008

Where did B-shift come

“Where did B-shift come from? All of a sudden they were on the backs of C-Shift. I am glad that each team is being honost! They wouldn't lie would they? They look like each has been losing weight.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 2 Apr 2008

Hi Jenn,--Not sure if

“Hi Jenn, Not sure if I fit your requirements but I too had a back injury (not surgery) 3 1/2 years ago after giving birth to my first (and only so far) child. I fractured several vertabre and herniated a few discs in the process (now have healed compression fractures and have lost some height and not to mention fitness, hence gained weight). I am really motivated to lose my stubborn baby kg's and aleviate some back pain. I'm manageing to average 10-11,000 steps per day but it is 2 1/2 years since completing rehab/physio. This is a fantastic site and I now find myself walking while watching TV instead of sitting around making my back worse. Good luck with everything - I'm happy to be a buddy if I suit your needs. Cheers M.Stehn”
Anonymous, Victoria, 1 Apr 2008

Hello Everyone,--I am a

“Hello Everyone, I am a 21 y/o gal who is about 15 weeks post-op from a 3 level lumbar spinal fusion. I recently purchased a pedometer to start motivating me to push through the muscle pain and get active again. It is extremely disheartening to see my totals bouncing around 5000/day when prior to all of my spinal issues I was a long distance runner. Just looking for anyone who is recovering from some sort of surgery or medical condition to buddy up with...anybody out there? Happy stepping. ~ Jenn ”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 31 Mar 2008


Anonymous, Queensland, 28 Mar 2008

hi my name is

“hi my name is debbie mother of 5 and have been over weight nearly all my life. i had my last child 12 months ago and turning 40 next month made me think i had to do something about this weight problem so i can be active and have a longer healthy life with my children,so i started by changing me eating habits and adding exercise i brought a slimming magazine that lead me to this web site, what a great idea!. i am in to week 8 now and i have lost a total of 11kg just by walking and eating healthy choices, i already had a pedometer but now will use it with this site really looking forward to challenges to motivate me,as i am doing this on my own im so glad i found this site so good luck everyone i wish you all the best in our journey to happy and healthy lifesytle! kind regards debbie,vic ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 28 Mar 2008

Jeff is my role

“Jeff is my role model! Go Jeff and the rest of C-Shift! you guys rock! Chief Hood”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 27 Mar 2008

Nearly 65, widowed recently

“Nearly 65, widowed recently and lacking focus, I decided to shift some weight. Somehow or other I found the 10,000 Steps site (wasn't looking for it, knew nothing about it) - must've been when I started searching for pedometer availabilities. Bought one, started walking seriously three days ago. The best past is... now I realise that if I keep this up, I really won't ever have to count anything again, or measure anything again, but will continue to lose weight (down from 107k mid-January to 98.3 today). Logging my activity on-line is a real motivator! M-R”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 27 Mar 2008

Hi! I have just

“Hi! I have just got a pedometer off the current issue of Slimming and Health magazine. I have suddenly found a new inspiration to loose weight. I am only 22 and weigh 98kgs, I don't look obese, but I do feel terrible about my body! I am challenged by this 10,000 step program, and want to prove to myself that I CAN do it and more! Good luck to me and everyone who is giving this a go!! xk8”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 26 Mar 2008

Good on you xk8!

“Good on you xk8! I too have just signed up thanks to the current edition of Slimming & Health magazine. I always lose my motivation to get fit and lose weight but this time feels different. I feel so excited and pumped and love the challenge of the 10,000 steps - already passed my first challenge, now onto 12,000. Good luck to all. Cheers M.Stehn”
Anonymous, Victoria, 26 Mar 2008

I first heard about

“I first heard about 10,000 stpes from my gym.They were running a competition to get members to buy pedometers then try to walk 600,000 steps in 6 weeks. I purchased a pedometer and when the gym competition was finished, wanted to continue logging my steps. So I joined 10,000 steps, wear the pedometer every day and have just reached my first million steps. It's fun and motivating to log your progress every day. Now I have set myself a goal of walking another million steps in less than 74 days, which was my first achievement. Enjoy walking it's fun, free and motivating.”
Anonymous, Western Australia, 26 Mar 2008

C-Shift rocks. Each and

“C-Shift rocks. Each and every one of you are my heroes. We are the role models of this district. Keep up the good fight. Proletarius no more. Until next time, keep the feet burning.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 17 Mar 2008

Good morning everyone... I

“Good morning everyone... I just recently started tracking my steps, going on week 2. Feeling great about this. I am averaging around 10,000 steps per day. Wearing the pedometer has made me motivated to get back into shape. I hope all my co-workers will stick with it! Go Jeff! Good luck to you all. ”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 12 Mar 2008

Hi,I have had a

“Hi,I have had a pedometer for years, used it occasionally as a matter of interest. Found the 10,000 Steps site last week. I no longer drive to work (yeah sustainable transport), and get off 1 station earlier an extra 30 minutes walking. I am addicted to exercise but this has made me realise that the gym, pilates, swimming is great - WALKING is fantastic. We all lead very busy lives but walking is my time and if I have a healthy body, I have a healthy mind as well. The individual challenges add a little bit of fun to your daily tally. Everyone keep motivated for YOURSELF. Thanks again to the 10,000 step club. Judy - Diamond Creek”
Anonymous, Victoria, 12 Mar 2008

I've been on the

“I've been on the program for almost a year and the protocol of entering my steps has kept me focused on getting moving. I've recorded my steps for every day and I guess my main motivator now is the Average Steps/Day. The million step thing is fun but you know where you are at when your average step figure rises or falls. I'm at 13,000 per day and want to plateau out somewhere near 15,000 -- which, of course, is a big ask. But you won't know what you can do unless you try...”
Anonymous, Queensland, 11 Mar 2008

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