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Hi All,-Good luck with

“Hi All, Good luck with the challenge, for me this is easy. My work allows me to keep moving all day so half my steps are clocked up at work and in my daily 1 hour walk/jog in the early mornings. Doing the grocery shopping, making sure you go up every ailse adds steps, just parking your car further away from the supermarket can add an extra 100 or more steps or when doing the ironing try putting away each person's clothes away as you go. Most days I manage around 18,000 plus steps and feel so much better for it. Cheers Katrina”
Anonymous, Queensland, 2 Oct 2008

Good on you Krystal.

“Good on you Krystal. I hope you get lots of encouragement from everyone - and your pedometer will run hot! Thanks again, George.”
Anonymous, Victoria, 30 Sep 2008

Hi,--I am glad I

“Hi, I am glad I joined up because I can see the steps I have made each day. If I don't reach 10,000 then my goal is to make it. I go for a short walk and make up the difference. I look forward to seeing what I have done. The steps has helped prepare me for the Masters Games. Keep trying Regards Sandra from NT”
Anonymous, Northern Territory, 26 Sep 2008

Hi everyone,-I realised I

“Hi everyone, I realised I had become inactive over the short, cold days of winter, but was a bit shocked to find how inactive I actually was. I find the 10000 steps with its challenges and intersting website particularly motivating and, like other steppers, have found myself walking the house yard or driveway in the dark to accumulate the last few desired steps. After only 8 weeks I am already feeling the health benefits. Regards, Val.”
Anonymous, South Australia, 26 Sep 2008

Hi,--My name is Krystal,

“Hi, My name is Krystal, and I got given a pedometer last night by my mum, and have decided to join. I was reading a story by jasmine, and wondered if she would like to get into contact with me? if so my email is I am 20 also, so thought it might be nice to have someone to talk to. ”
Anonymous, South Australia, 25 Sep 2008

Hi everyone, I joined

“Hi everyone, I joined 10,000 steps last month & have become obsessed with doing my 10,000 steps each day, if I haven't reached my target I walk up & down my driveway until I do. I will be completing my September Fling I-Challenge soon, probably before the end of September & I'm rapt at the progress I've made. Thanks 10,000 steps for giving me the initiative to get out there & do it!!!”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 22 Sep 2008

I was having trouble

“I was having trouble with back and other muscle pain and have osteoarthritis of one knee and feet problems as well as weight problems. I found out about 10,000 Steps and joined back in November '07' with base steps of 6661. I have gradually increased my steps and now my daily average is 10,267 or on the annual achievement board it is 10,781. I also went to see a nutritionist in January and that has also helped me to lose over 25kg since November. I live and work on a farm and when possible leave the bike in the shed and walk to shift the stock, not recently, as I have had to feed out hay since about May but that is about to end. I have completed each monthly challenge and some in shorter than the month. On 28th August I completed 3million steps. I am have not always found it easy but really tried not to do less than the 10,000 steps a day. There were the odd times such as when I had to travel to a family funeral and recently with increasing knee pain, where I couldn't reach 10,000 steps. I have invested in a treadmill which helps if I find I have not got "there" I use it . I have not entered this months challenge as I know I will not be able to complete it as I go in for knee surgery on 16th so will be out of action for a few days then slow for awhile but hope to be up to speed as soon as possible. A little tip is that when watching TV I don't sit through the adds I get up and walk about, amazing how many steps one can do during that time.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 8 Sep 2008

Hi. Suzanne here.-Can't believe

“Hi. Suzanne here. Can't believe what a "big brother" effect my pedometer is having on me. I check it in the morning after the gym or before work. I check it at lunch time and when I finish work. Can't make my goal steps each day for various and well deserved reasons, however I go extra hard on days that give me more freedom to do so. I'm so proud of myself and have become somewhat of a "step" guru at work (much to the amusement of other staff). I've even implemented a regular exercise program for the little kids I work with. Australia does have a problem (so it's reported) with children and lack of physical exercise. I guess it's a bit selfish really. But if they're moving to music or games then I am too. By the way,....does anyone have any views as to the acuracy of pedomters? Mine's a "Nana Aussie Fit".”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 7 Sep 2008

Hi,its Ollie.-How are you

“Hi,its Ollie. How are you all today....Its good to see so many of us have the same goal in mind. We may not know each other but its great been part of the 10,000 Step family. This is a journey that I took when it came to exercise and walking and how my health has changed alot and hopefully its for the better. However I have had a lot of lows with my health and its not a pretty picture but it doesnt stop me from wanting to achieve something. I had always walked and had some form of exercise. But for some reason something seemed to be missing. At that stage I couldnt put my finger on the ????(more challenges needed). Now looking back I had seen alot of my friends and neighbours put on weight, pass away, and even gave up on life. Now I done my military service, I walked and hiked when I could, I got lots of fresh air, went to the beach, you know that old general stuff we do in our spare time. I even got a mate to come walking in the evenings. Then one day just out of the blue when i was walking, I saw a small gadget of some kind on the footpath, picked it up and thought, Ive heard about these step gadgets. I noticed it even had a persons first name and mobile number on it. So I called the person and returned it back. To my surprsie for the honesty of returning the step gadget back, the person gave it to me. We chatted and I started to learn more about the Steps and I was even given a little booklet to take home and read. I now use the Steps every day and some days its very big walks and some are average.. Thanks 10,000 happy customer. ”
Anonymous, Queensland, 6 Sep 2008

After losing 21 kgs,

“After losing 21 kgs, I had reached a plateau and needed a new challenge. Whilst looking for a walking group in the Brissie area, I came across 10,000 Steps and decided this would be the perfect new challenge for me to reach my next goal by Xmas! I am now encouraging my workplace to undertake a 10,000 step challenge. ”
Anonymous, Queensland, 4 Sep 2008

'Morning all.-I am a

“'Morning all. I am a 53 yo policeman from Victoria. Was well overweight, on blood pressure medication, etc. etc. Joined a challenge between Police Areas and was asked to be the captain of the team. In 12 weeks, lost weight, blood pressure under control and may in time lose the medication thanks to this site. Team averaged over 9,000 steps per day (29 team members). Techniques - If you work upstairs, go to the downstairs toilet. When you get up the pedometer goes on your pj's while you are around breakfast etc. You may find you are doing over 1,000 steps before your morning shower that were not being counted. (Sounds silly but equates to over 70,000 steps in the course of the challenge) No time - do you watch television - there's your time. Our team motto "Pain Heals - Partners dig scars - Glory lasts for ever" (Stolen from Canoe Reeves) I will probably live longer now thanks to this site. Team challenge over but I have remained on the I-Challenge and now my wife is my walking buddy. Thanks 10,000 steps. Bill”
Anonymous, Victoria, 4 Sep 2008

I am a uni

“I am a uni student who recently did a placement in a primary school. I had barely enough time to relax, let alone feel like exercising after a full day teaching. Once I got back to uni I had more time on my hands. I now go to the gym 5 days a week (a first for me!) and go for walks/strolls when I have the time. I take the super, extra long way to my car, people think I'm a bit crazy at times. It's great, especially now the weather has improved to take the time to wander around the streets or a park. This is time that I would usually sit at home and watch tv. All I need to work on is getting more steps into my weekend (especailly Sunday) because that is my most laziest time, often spent in bed. Any tips?? :D”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 4 Sep 2008

Hi. Suzanne here.-Have been

“Hi. Suzanne here. Have been trying to reach 10,000 steps a day and am finding that hard even when I am working, even going to the gym as well that I am struggling to reach 8,000 steps a day. Does anyone have any ideas? I work in child care and when shopping I use stairs instead of escalators. I also hang washing on the line at home by retrieving one item at a time from the machine, walking to the line and then going back for the next item etc. Should I feel guilty for not achieving the 10,000?”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 3 Sep 2008

Hello, all--I don't always

“Hello, all I don't always make my 10,000 steps. But I keep trying, partly because I have made it a personal obligation to register my steps every day. Since joining this site, I have started riding my bike again. As I am a full time carer, it's really great to be able to get out and about by myself for half and hour to an hour every day. I feel better both physically and mentally. At 55, it's not easy to get started - or keep going - after decades of being unfit. I would encourage anyone out there to just give it a go - start slowly, build slowly, and remember that oaks from little acorns grow. Thanks, 10,000 steps!”
Anonymous, Victoria, 2 Sep 2008

Hi to all you

“Hi to all you 10,000 Steps fans, It's great to see so many people taking up the challenge to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I'm an avid believer that having that pedometer on makes you very conscious of how little exercise you may be doing, and very determined to do anything you can to reach the 10,000 step goal. It's worked for me! If you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to go for a daily walk to get your steps up, and feel that having other people to walk with you would be a help, perhaps joining a local (social) walking group is the answer for you. Did you know that the Heart Foundation (Australia) has a national walking program called Heart Foundation Walking. Heart Foundation Walking is Australia¬ís largest network of free community-based walking groups, led by volunteer Walk Organisers. Walking as part of a group helps you stay motivated, is safer and makes it much more fun too! Walking groups can be any size, and walk at various times, days, lengths and levels of difficulty. Everyone is encouraged to walk at their own pace. To find out more about Heart Foundation Walking, or to find a walking group near you, simply visit ”
Anonymous, Queensland, 30 Aug 2008

YAY! I have just

“YAY! I have just completed my first I-Challenge. I walked 235km of the Great Wall of China. I keep looking at the certificate I printed and stuck on my wall and I feel so proud! Thanks 10,000 Steps!”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 29 Aug 2008

Hi everyone. My name

“Hi everyone. My name is Jasmine, I've just very recently turned 20 and I have a problem, just like you. Mine started when about 7 years ago I went to my doctor and started complaining about the unfortunate stretch marks that had come with the first "changes of life." You see, the genetics in my family are a huge problem for my own personal health and well-being. My nan suffers from type 1 diabetes and I might have a chance of getting the disease if I continue to go the way I am. My doctor had told me to lose the weight needed so I don't end up with problems later in life. Since being at my work, I have lost about 5 1/2 kgs and I can already feel the difference. Because of my height, my weight should be a lot lower than what it is. It's hard to do but EXTREMELY worth it in the end. My Advise for any one who wants to take it is - Keep a diary of what you did for the day incl. meals. Be real. Be true and do not forget every little detail. - Find a buddy or a friend who has the same interests as you do. {That's losing weight} Eat healthy, Keep to your plan AND don't forget to have fun while you do it!! Please don't hesitate to reply to me. I'd love to hear from anyone who'd love to talk more. - Jasmine.L.R ”
Anonymous, Queensland, 29 Aug 2008

I joined today and

“I joined today and what a fantastic concept. Why didn't someone in NSW think of it! I have read quite a few of members' comments and think you are all absolutely amazing and positive. The supportive comments you make to one another is a credit to you! Today I tried really hard to concentrate on getting out in the sunshine and doing a couple of walks to see how I would go (step-wise). I decided to keep a separate log of how long I walked for, where to and how many steps I used. Will also use recommendations for the website about resistance training. It's amazing how much I'm learning about myself and how my body will respond to various forms of exercise. Thanks. I feel so motivated at the moment.”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 24 Aug 2008

Hi, Raggety Ann from

“Hi, Raggety Ann from Browns Plains Qld. Just joined today the 22 August. I have 4 days of work so I thought I would start walking again, just getting the energy to start again is my problem. Wish I got paid for walking, it would be so much easier good luck to all in their 50 like me.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 21 Aug 2008

I have recently quit

“I have recently quit smoking and unfortunately with that comes weight gain. I have always been considered underweight (believe me it is as frustrating as being overweight, you still get the looks and comments) but the combination of turning 40 and eating instead of smoking I have gained 7kg this year. People assume because I am not overweight I am fit but that is definitely not the case. Years ago I used to play sport and go to the gym but haven't done it in so long, I thought this would be great way to start tot ease back into getting into shape. I have only been doing it for 2 days but I was shocked how quickly the steps add up just doing everyday things. Good luck to you all -:)”
Anonymous, Victoria, 16 Aug 2008

I am currently 7

“I am currently 7 months pregnant - baby #2, and eager to make a start to a much better-healthier me. I think this is a great way to stay healthy, and walking as well, will definitely help with cutting down eating I admit I'm a junk eater! I hope to do well and keep it a habit to exercise daily, thanks to my friend Sarah for encouraging me to join and start the challange in Sept. Good luck everyone.”
Anonymous, Northern Territory, 13 Aug 2008

Hi--One tip for those

“Hi One tip for those wet days - my husband and I go to the local shopping centre where they have undercover parking and walk there. The view is not great but at least you don't get soaked. Kaye”
Anonymous, Queensland, 31 Jul 2008

Hi, my name is

“Hi, my name is Bern and I am a 41 yo wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls aged 5 and 2. I joined 10,000 Steps ten days ago. Have lost about 13kg since September last year but lost the mojo on holiday at Easter and have struggled to find it ever since until the last couple of weeks. It's back! Have joined a gym, which I go to 3 mornings a week before work (I work full-time as a teacher) and I am trying to either walk or ride my exercise bike on 3 other mornings a week (no mean feat on those 3 degree mornings!!!) I am still about 13kg from my goal weight and the gym has suggested I target 5kg for loss by the end of October. Not quite half a kg a week not too unreasonable I don't think - but we'll see! As a teacher I am lucky to do quite a bit of walking so most work days I have racked up about about 7,500 steps just at work. Add gym, walk or bike and I have an average so far of 11,255 steps a day which I am desperate to maintain. Just need to keep the mojo happening. I am doing this because I want to go to the park and run with my girls. Good luck to everyone doing this daily challenge! I think we all deserve a bit of a pat on the back for making the effort to improve our health and our lives. ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 29 Jul 2008

Jayne,-Little things can help

“Jayne, Little things can help to build up your steps. We all have to do daily chores around the home. WHen folding clothes i do not pile them up but take them to rooms in small piles. When drying dishes i put them away individually and do not stack them on the bench. When taking things out of the car do that individually as well.Hanging clothes on the line, move the pegs a few steps away from the clothes basket. All the tiny things help. It is amazing how the steps build up. When you are confined to the room with a patient can you walk around the room or just move your legs whilst standing? I have a sedentary job and make sure that i'm active at lunch time and also no longer drive to work. Good luck let us know how you go. Judith”
Anonymous, Victoria, 28 Jul 2008

Hi - I am

“Hi - I am a very overweight 44 year old mum. Since having my children 10 years ago I have constantly put on weight - so much that I am now 45 kilos overweight. I am so sick of being big. I need to get more active so that I can be around to see my children grow and for my health and well being as well as my mind. I constantly feel uncomfortable and tired - enough is enough. This is the beginning of my new life. I am starting a new healthy lifestyle as of NOW. Thank you 10,000 steps and all of you other ladies out there - You are my motivation - if you all can do it - so can I. ”
Anonymous, Queensland, 27 Jul 2008

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