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We had the 10,000

“We had the 10,000 Steps challenge at work last year. It was very motivating. This year Majella and I are 'walking buddies'. I am getting married in August and need a bit of motivation to get off my bum and keep active! Would love to lose some weight and feel a bit healthier by August, see how we go. Thanks Maj for the challenge, see how we go! Am off to Shorncliffe now for a walk...”
Anonymous, Queensland, 2 Mar 2008

Well still wearing the

“Well still wearing the pedometer and while there have been a few days when I have dropped down, I have been walking almost every day for the past 5-6 weeks. Have dropped 3kg and feeling better already. Hopefully it will become a habit of a lifetime. Hope everyone is doing okay. Cheers K from Tassie”
Anonymous, Tasmania, 29 Feb 2008

I'm Karen, 38 from

“I'm Karen, 38 from Tasmania. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that causes severe arthritis in every joint, organ problems, skin problems, tendon and muscle pain. Then 2 1/2 years ago, I had my gorgeous daughter, but due to high doses of cortisone, gained 38 kilos during and after the pregnancy. For quite a while I played the 'poor me' card, reasoning that I couldn't do any exercise, it was too painful, didn't have the time etc, etc. Finally, 5 months ago, after starting to experience shortness of breath after even the simpliest task, I decided that it was time to make a change. I joined Weight Watchers at Home program, and bought a pedometer. Walking is one of the few exercises I can do, so I recorded my steps for the first few days. I was averaging between 2000 - 3000 steps a day, which I knew was nowhere near enough. So I set myself a target of gradualling increasing my walking until I could confortably do 10,000 steps a day. So, 20 weeks/5 months on, I'm 13 kilos lighter and have lowered my BMI from 38 to 33, so far. I feel so much healthier. I take my daughter out in the pram for a walk every day, from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Then every night after she goes to bed, I get out my air walker and walk for a further 30 mins to hour and a half, depending on how I feel, and how many steps I need to pass 10,000 for the day. I still have another 25 kilos to lose to get to goal, but I'm confident I will get there. Slow and steady, as they say, wins the race! So, for anyone out there who has every excuse for not exercising, give it a go! It will change your life :) ”
Anonymous, Tasmania, 19 Feb 2008

2003 Colin & I

“2003 Colin & I decided a tree change was good. We now live 1km from the River Murray, 2005 we decided the only way to make money was to grow organic produce, 2008 we are now living with drought conditions and being supported by Centrelink. We are both very fit/healthy/active individuals. Colin has joined the Army Reserves, Training at Kapooka this very moment, I also tried, unfortunately with a history of back pain was rejected. We are both 54 years young. We live in an isolated location & 10,000 steps has been an online motivator for me. My main goal for 2008 is to become a Personal Trainer because this year, our first year certified Organic we have no produce. I am driven by the desire to make a difference to those around me and as a Personal Trainer, I might be able to encourage the small community of Cadell to walk. Being active all my life is the main contributing factor to my positive attitude. It's now time to put plan "B" into action. CHEERS FROM LEAH”
Anonymous, South Australia, 16 Feb 2008

Hi my name is

“Hi my name is Karen i started Friday the 8th of February.I have been overweight since having my kids,only recently i have began to lose weight and doing well.I work as a AIN in a nursing home,so i manage the steps fairly well so far.I find the best way to keep steps up by keeping busy all day,and forgeting iam wearing my pedometer. thankyou to 10000steps and good luck to all my fellow workmates. Karen”
Anonymous, Queensland, 13 Feb 2008

Hi everyone, --Just getting

“Hi everyone, Just getting back on track after a week of sickness. Up till then was walking every day and had a whole week at more than 10000 steps. But just need to keep it going and realise that it is a long journey. I am finding myself saying yes to exercise options such as swimming and riding. I'm not saying it's easy or that there isn't a naughty voice saying 'no stay here on the couch', but at this point I seem to be winning. Have lost 2.3kg in 4 weeks. Just need to take each week at a time. Thanks for all the great stories. K from Tassie”
Anonymous, Tasmania, 11 Feb 2008

Hi all,--Tomorrow is my

“Hi all, Tomorrow is my launching day. 10,000 steps a day seems a lot! But I'm determined to give it a go. I love walking I just find it easy though to find excuses not too. I had a trial run with my pedometre (Had to brush the dust off. Was amazed I even knew where it was!). Was amazed how quickly 1400 steps appear. I found myself finding excuses to get it higher. Even walked up and down my 2 steps just to get to 1000. (Sad isnt it! :P) So maybe 10,000 isnt that hard after all. Lets see how the next week goes. Good luck to everyone and their 10,000 steps for the day! Lindy from Cheese country”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 10 Feb 2008

I suffered s stroke

“I suffered s stroke just over twenty years ago and since have found and enjoyed walking as my form of daily exercise and just my time for being alone and thinking, any form of exercise, swimming or walking has both benifitted me as my owm personal therapy. Maxine”
Anonymous, Queensland, 6 Feb 2008

Bec and Brenda, welcome

“Bec and Brenda, welcome and congratulations for giving it a go. Remember very step counts and while it might be hard physically remember it won't be any easier if you don't try. I started mid November and it was hard I now find it much easier and my average daily step are slowly climbing. That makes me keep going seeing that daily average improve and I don't like seeing them drop more than a few and then I work harder to get them back on the upward trend. I have lost about 9kgs since I started. I have also been to see a nutritionist to help me with a proper sensible eating program. You have both taken the first step on the long road and we are all with you on the same road. Jean”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 6 Feb 2008

Hi, well today is

“Hi, well today is the first day for me on this program and I am a little nervous as I am not sure I can do that many steps and have not done so in so many years. My goal is to lose wieght as i am currently 145 Kg and need to shed the kilos badly. As you can guess i have not walked great distances but this is a fun way to do it. Wish me luck Brenda”
Anonymous, Victoria, 5 Feb 2008

Congrats to our survivor

“Congrats to our survivor and son in the floods. I do wish you all the very best in your recovery both physically and in the big clean up ahead. I have been a member since 10 Feb 2006 and have clocked up over 10,000,000 steps. Now here is a tale of a tough perdometer. Believe it or not it has survived on MRI and twice in the local pool. It is atill going strong as I am at 61!! Happy walking to you all. Jenny”
jenny, New South Wales, 3 Feb 2008

I also have Fibromyalgia.

“I also have Fibromyalgia. Although I've always walked for all of the 22 years I've been ill with it -- walking is not enough. Over the last 5 years my health has been deteriorating and I've become quite desperate. But since May last 10,000 Steps has anchored my exercise program. I now have a personal training session every fortnight at the local boxing gym and from there now do 30 minutes each day at home of boxing exercises - which are pretty intense. Boxing is very demanding -- and challenging. I had been crippled by foot problems for years now which have limited my mobility but now I usually walk 40 minutes per day with the dogs and do 30 minutes of boxing exercises -- so that now (and I find it hard to believe I can do it at 59 ) I'm up to skipping 300 jumps in my skip rope sessions. Now that's a worthwhile challenge! Learning to skip is a skill worth mastering I reckon. Great way to get your heart rate up! And I ride a kickbike for my commute journeys, to the shops and for occasional tour rides. I find the low step much better than a bicycle peddle even though you work harder to kick and push.The kickbike is my second scooter -- the first was a heavy home made job -- and its so easy to get on and off or push it by your side while walking.I also see the kickbike as a substitute for jogging. Nonetheless my weight is still up there and it is so hard to bring it down. But the gym like work is reducing my generalised pain & stiffness even though I often take pain killers on a morning so I can do my exercises before lunch -- so that the natural endorphins are given a chance to kick in... Don't knock it -- it works. It took me years to discover a simple solution to such a gateway. You take analgesia then and you won't need to take other doses if you can harness your exercising as pain relief. But of course some days I'm bed ridden or can only hobble around the house. Other times I'm lucky if I can make it out the front gate. So fitting an 'exercise program' under those parameters aint easy. (And my life has many examples of such creative programs going back decades). But, you see, I get to log the advances here -- I get to record even the bad days -- because then when I do step out/ put one foot in front of the other, for a few times at least. I used to do circuits of our pool at home here -- for most days of the year(even in a wet suit) but nothing beats really standing up to gravity and sweating it up. I think I've let myself off too easily in the past. And I'm now working harder but it aint any easier for that realisation.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 2 Feb 2008

Hi my name is

“Hi my name is Bec and from Melbourne. I have a ten month old little girl with the biggest blue eyes ever and I am having touble shifting the weight. I have also been diagnosed with severe depression and have so much trouble just getting out of bed. I found the website by chance in January 2008 and immediately told my husband about it and off we went to get a pedometer. The pedometer is giving me so much motivation to get walking no matter how bad I am feeling. Now I am addicted to getting out on a walk and getting excercise. Plus the challenges that is set are fantiastic to keep motivated. Everyone is an inspiration no matter what and your stories keep me going. Thanks 10,000 steps for your wonderful program”
Anonymous, Victoria, 2 Feb 2008

Pat, you are an

“Pat, you are an inspiration, congratulations, that has to be one of the most encouraging efforts of all - good for you, good for everyone. George S (vermont)”
Anonymous, Victoria, 30 Jan 2008

I have been a

“I have been a 10,000 step member for nearly a year now - and love it!! Last week my son and I got swept away by flood waters and spent three hours clinging to a tree waiting for our wonderful neighbours and emergency services to work out how to rescue us. During this time the raging waters ripped off my shoes, my jewellery and all the clothes from my son - however when I finally got to the hospital and took off what was left of my sodden clothes - there was my trusty 10,000 steps pedometer still clinging on - a bit like me to that tree! The next day I actually pulled the pedometer apart and emptied the water from inside it! A couple of days later I put it back together - and you will never believe it, it is still working!! It actually has mud under the LCD screen - but is somehow still counting my steps! As you can imagine it is now more than ever very precious to me - as is of course my family! What a tenacious little piece of machinery!”
Anonymous, Queensland, 30 Jan 2008

Hi All,-I have now

“Hi All, I have now been using this site as a tool to aid me in the quest to become fit and healthy for going on 10 months, in March it will be a year. I have been able to shed some 40kg in the last 18 months, and I would not have been able to accomplish it without getting my 10,000 steps pedometer and getting on the tredmill (and also walking outside in the fresh air). I am now 56.9kg down from 96.7k (163cm tall) and have maintained this weight (Or there abouts) for 4 months. It was one of those light bulb moments that happen in life that enabled me to make the decision to loose weight, and do the work to maintain it. Yes! there is work in maintaining - but it is as hard as you wish to make it. But suprisingly! I have found it easy! 10,000 steps a day. I have made room for it (daily)in my life and dont think I could go back to the old habbits of poor eating and excessive use of alcohol if I tried. (Occasionally, as if to test my resolve. I have tried, but with adverse results). As I lost my Gall Bladder a few years ago for my poor life style choices, it lets you know when you go off the rails. Thanks 10,000 steps for being there for me and others like me, who just needed your particular type of motivation. Pat (Melbourne) ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 29 Jan 2008

Hi Everyone,--I, like Anne,

“Hi Everyone, I, like Anne, have a condition called Fibromyalgia which is similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with more pain and less fatigue!!! Because of this condition I have stacked on a few kilos, but the catch is that when I exercise it cause extreme pain and discomfort until I reach a high fitness level. In the meantime I am already in pain, so I can't win. It is very hard to stay motiviated and reading everyones stories have spurred me on. I realised that just by making a more physical effort around the home I can increase the reading on my pedometer without killing myself but doing real exercise at the moment. I will slowly get there. Thanks P.S. Anne, if you need someone to talk to about Fibromyalgia or anything else you can contact me. I have had the condition now for 18 years (I am currently 27)!!! Alison”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 24 Jan 2008

Well here I go

“Well here I go again, trying to shift that stubborn extra 20 or so kilos. But this time I am trying to get real and realise that I need to move my body every day and change a lifetime attitude that exercise is just about losing weight and looking great. It's about improving my lifespan, making me stronger, so I can trek around the world with my husband and respecting this one and only body that I have got. Thanks for sharing your stories-it helps motivate me and I am sure it helps others. Good luck!”
Anonymous, Tasmania, 19 Jan 2008

Good on you Anne

“Good on you Anne ,you have taken the first step . I have done a lot of my walking on a treadmill and I find it helps to have a TV to watch .Also taking a challenge each month helps to keep you motivated.You will find that you have more energy .Keep it up . Bronwen ”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 18 Jan 2008

My name is Abby.

“My name is Abby. I'm from Larkspur, CA in the United States. I just happened to come across this website. Yesterday was my first day wearing my pedometer and I was shocked at how sedentary I was! I now have a goal for this month and hope to increase my step goal in February. I am so glad to have found this network of support.”
Anonymous, Outside Australia, 16 Jan 2008

Hi my name is

“Hi my name is Anne, i live in Sydney's outer western suburbs. I reached a staggering 126, and i was successful in losing about 6 kilos.. and have just started to think about losing more. I need to i have a range of health issues, depression, sleep apnea, ibs, fibromyalia, and couple of others which i am sick of. I have a pedometer, and a walking tredmill here at home, so i have no excuse now as i can do it in the comfort of my own home. I have just found this site by pure fluke but i have read some peoples stories and they have certainly inspired me. It is currently 1.22am as i dont sleep well. But as of later today.. i make a promise to myself to start walking on my walking machine. I know now that i can lose the weight but i need to excersie to. I also bought the "heartmoves" dvd from the national heart foundation and they also run classes in my area twice a week so i would also like that to be something i do to also motivate myself. I havent always been this big i just want to take control of my own life. Thanks for listening. Anne”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 11 Jan 2008

Happy New Year all,--Today

“Happy New Year all, Today (2/1/08) is day two for my "getting rid of the Winter coat". Yes Winter finished a full month ago and my coat was not coming off. I asked Santa for a pedometer for Xmas and I found one under the tree. It was a 10,000 step one and so here I am stepping my way into 2008. Good luck to us all in what ever our goals may be. Cheers Linda Adelaide SA Australia ”
Anonymous, South Australia, 2 Jan 2008

I started walking on

“I started walking on the 1/1/2007 and should reach 4 million in February 08. I am 77 years old ,have Menieres,diabetes and last year had endometrial cancer. I am doing a Uni Balance Course at the local gym.I now have all three medical problems under control.I walk, garden,do weights and have fun on my computer.My husband and I dance once a week. I belong to a dance club, computer club and an investment club.I am enjoying life . I encourage everyone to keep walking,it does so much towards keeping you fit and it is the cheapesr exercise available. Keep on walking. Bronwen”
Anonymous, New South Wales, 20 Dec 2007

I left the Airforce

“I left the Airforce in March 1997 after over 20 years of physical activity. I've started the 10000 steps today with my first target being 5000 steps and hoping to be up to 10000 steps by about mid January. Hopefully I can keep this up and lose weight to live a better life. All the best to everyone who is starting this journey.”
Anonymous, Queensland, 17 Dec 2007

I am a 51

“I am a 51 yr old female who has 'issues' with weight and fitness. I struggle to keep weight down and fitness up. Six weeks ago I moved into a workplace that requires me to sit at a computer console using headphones for phone and radio communications. Our shifts are busy and are between 10 and 14 hours long. The work can be so unrelenting that frequently meal breaks are nonexistant, and a trip to the bathroom is very infrequent. I found that I gained 3 kilos in 6 weeks and was lapsing into a state of pure sedentary blobiness! I am now on holidays for three weeks and have taken up the challenge of stepping. I am loving it and loving the feeling of having more energy!! When I go back to work I want to try and encourage my work colleagues to join me in a workplace group, and also see if we can work out ways of allowing short breaks to encourage activity in the workplace. cheers Jenny ”
Anonymous, Victoria, 6 Dec 2007

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