Deadly Choices

Introduced in 2010 to educate and empower South East Queensland’s Indigenous populations against the dangers of smoking, Deadly Choices has evolved into Australia’s most successful community-focused health initiative.

Deadly Choices aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families - to stop smoking, to eat good food, and to exercise daily.

Deadly Choices two ladies
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Deadly Choices has a particular focus on young people, highlighting the importance of good food, exercise, school attendance, plus keeping up to date with regular 715 health checks. Deadly Choices motivates kids to make ideal lifestyle choices within a culturally appropriate environment.

This empowers our young people to become community role models, equipped with the knowledge and understanding expected of future Indigenous leaders.

Through our many and varied education programs, Deadly Choices contributes significantly to Closing the Gap.

Want to get involved?

As the promotional and preventative health arm of the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health, we connect community with appropriate health services and implement safeguards against the development of chronic disease.

Community members are encouraged to visit their participating Aboriginal Medical Service clinic, undergo a comprehensive health check and upon completion, select a Deadly Choices shirt.

Be sure to book in for a health check at your local participating health service.