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Fun Team Challenge for Dandy Sisters

“ It has been such an interesting exercise and created so much enthusiasm, competition and unity in the team of five members. We learned such creative ways of being active and getting our bodies moving, enjoying places we had not ventured … ”


Victoria, 7 Nov 2022

Change of Pace

“ As a kid in the 80s we walked a lot and being in the country played sport and rode our bikes. As a young teenager I discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger and the rest of the mid-80s body building royalty, so that … ”


Mark E
South Australia, 10 Oct 2022

The Weekender

“ It all started at work last year after I lost my partner to cancer, one of my colleague put me in to make up a team of five for the work 10,000 Steps competition. I found during work hours I … ”


tweezel b
New South Wales, 15 Jul 2019

Already active

“ I was already very active, however this has made it more fun. I have competitions with my mother who is also a member of 10,000 Steps. The biggest surprise with all this activity was that I won a prize for … ”


Kerry G
Queensland, 10 Jan 2019

The Stepping Bug caught me...

“ I first started the 10,000 Steps and challenges in a 4 week Tournament in 2017 and I initially planned on conducting at least 12,000 steps per day, considering I wasn’t that active, but the ‘stepping bug’ caught me and I … ”


Wayne C
Queensland, 14 Mar 2018

Road to Recovery

“ Until 23rd February 2016 it was easy to complete 10,000 steps or higher most days. I had major right foot reconstruction on that date so was non weight bearing for 8 weeks and then gradual increases in daily stepping have … ”


New South Wales, 7 Mar 2017

Now I am More Active!

“ Using an activity tracker and recording my physical activity with 10,000 Steps has helped me to become aware of how much activity I do and how much I don't do. Working at a computer most days of the week for … ”


Nina G
Queensland, 1 Apr 2016

Scott's Journey

“ Its amazing what a little exercise can do to your thought process. Two years ago my workplace did a 10,000 Steps challenge just as COVID lockdown hit, and now I am living on the 10,000 Steps website for the next … ”


Scott W
Outside Australia, 30 Jan 2023

Working on a Life Habit

“ My 10,000 Steps Story is really a story about taking one step at a time. My first step found me facing up to the fact that my job and lifestyle is embarrassingly and unhealthily sedentary! My second step was realising … ”


Queensland, 3 Mar 2016