Lose weight or take the risk of having life-long illness!

I was athletic and played many sports in my younger years. As I grow older and became too comfortable in life, I lost focus on my health, gained weight, and became a lazy bum.

In 2021, it hit me hard when my GP told me, you have stage 2 hypertension. My blood pressure was so high when he checked me in his clinic, he asked me if I feel anything unusual at the time, and if I do, he’d call an ambulance as it was a medical emergency. I immediately thought about my family, asked myself why I let this thing happen… I need to act now!

I worked with my GP and dietician to develop a program for me to lose weight and improve my health. This includes a well-balanced diet and walking and running… lots of it. Fast forward 2023, my blood pressure is back to normal level, and also lost 21 kilos – had to refresh my wardrobe from size Extra Large to Small…

Aim for 10,000 steps or more each day, it will help you in your (weight loss) journey!