Activity trackers and apps which integrate with Apple Health can be connected with the iOS version of the 10,000 Steps Mobile App.

To prevent duplicate steps being added from multiple devices, please disable step tracking in other devices attached to your Apple Health (iPhones, iPads). This can be disabled in each device via iOS Settings >Privacy > Motion and Fitness.

1. Sign up or log in to your account.

Use the email address and password set on registration.

1. Login

2. Choose to enable Steps to be shared from Apple Health.

Toggle "ON" Steps from Apple Health. This connection can be viewed and managed in your device Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > 10,000 Steps.

2. Enable Apple Health

3. Swipe down on the Dashboard to trigger your steps to sync.

Swiping down on the Dashboard of the 10,000 Steps Mobile App will trigger the sync. This may take a few seconds to load, particularly the first time.

Steps will be imported from the day of connection. Using the date range to navigate back, and swiping down again can sync additional historical steps. Retrospective steps can also be entered manually via the website Step Log or Mobile App.

3. Swipe Down
4. Steps Synced

If you experience any issues using the app, please see our Mobile App Troubleshooting page for known issues and troubleshooting tips.