Being Active at Home

Taking opportunities to move more in and around your house each day is an easy way to boost your daily step count. Being active in and around your home is convenient, free and comfortable. Activities can be done at any time, fitting into your daily life without extra planning or effort in a clean, safe, comfortable and stress free environment. Finding ways to be active at home can help you to maintain a consistent routine and develop sustainable, lifelong healthy habits. There are no barriers to being active at home!

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Using your indoor space at home to be active can often be the most convenient when the the weather is too hot, cold, wet or when leaving the house to be active doesn't line up with your (or your families) schedule. You can always find ways that you can move more indoors.

  • Invest in a sit to stand desk for your office work at home.
  • Set a timer and take regular breaks from sitting while working or watching TV.
  • Make phone calls while walking around the house.
  • Listen to music or a podcast while standing folding laundry or vacuuming.
  • Play music and dance in the kitchen while cooking or around the lounge room for some family fun.
  • Do yoga, pilates, or a home workout online from Exercise Right.
  • Invest in a couple of items equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands that can be easily stored.
  • If being active within the home is your only option, consider purchasing a larger piece of equipment such a treadmill.


Big or small, make the most of the outdoor space you have available. Every minute of movement can add 100 steps to your day! Spending time outdoors even at home can help you connect with the outdoors and boost your mood and wellbeing.

  • Get into the garden and prune trees and shrubs and rake up leaves.
  • Tend to your existing garden or start a new one.
  • If you have a dog, play with them outside by throwing a ball, stick or frisbee.
  • Take off your shoes and go a walk on the grass, in your yard if you can.
  • Use your outdoor space for home work outs, yoga, body weight exercises or skipping.
  • If you have one, jump on a trampoline.
  • Set up some lawn bowls, or kick of soccor or football around.
  • Dance to your favourite music outdoors on the lawn or patio.

In Your Neighbourhood

By hitting pavement for a walk provides an opportunity to connect more with your neighbourhood. Step outdoors for a breath of fresh air, spend time in nature, expand your social connections by getting to know those in your street in passing and explore your community further.

  • Walk to a park or green space in your area or wander your street.
  • Dust of your bike (or invest in one) and go bike riding.
  • Walk to visit a neighbours house instead of calling or texting.
  • Take your dog for regular walks on the footpath or to a local off leash area park.
  • Research the wildlife in your region and see what types you can find.
  • Choose a different route and see your area from a different perspective.
  • Explore any local historical walks or National Parks nearby.
  • Visit your local pool and swim some laps.
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