Being Active on the Weekend

Explore the outdoors this weekend and get active within your local community, it has so much to offer! Choosing to be active over the weekend not only benefits your physical and emotional health, but is a great way to have fun, connect with your family and recharge for the week ahead.

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Why be Active

Being active on the weekend by choosing leisure activities that encourage us to move has many benefits. By walking, swimming, cycling or playing sports, we gain the physical benefits of being active while also boosting our mood, and emotional health. We can use opportunities to be active to spend quality time with our families, friends and connect with our communities. Being active outdoors increases exposure to natural light, fresh air and nature which can further improve both our physical and emotional health. Recharge over the weekend with these ideas and start the new week off on the right foot!

How to be Active

  • Grab a take-away coffee from your favourite cafe and catch up with a friend for a walk along the beach, beside a river or through a park.
  • Join a Parkrun in your local area on a Saturday morning to meet more like minded people.
  • Go for a family bike ride, scoot or skate along a scenic pathway in your area.
  • Wander around your local community markets and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • If your children (or grandchildren) play weekend sport, stand or pace the sideline while you watch and wait.
  • Go further and find a new beach or National Park trail to explore on foot.
  • Take your dog for a walk along your favourite pathway, dog friendly beach or off leash area.
  • Try a round of golf or join a local social team at a community centre for tennis or badminton.
  • Play tourist in your region and re-visit the popular sites, shops, cafes and attractions.
  • Kick a soccor ball around with your children (or grandchildren), play tag or jump on the trampoline if you have one.
  • Check your local councils events page to see what they have on, you may be able to volunteer while being active e.g. planting trees or picking up litter.
  • If you need to do shopping, park further away and walk the rest of the distance.
  • Participate in group events, for example walks such as Relay for Life or RSPCA Million Paws Walk, or even try a Parkrun or fun run in your community.
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