To track your steps you will need a pedometer, Fitbit or other activity tracker.

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A pedometer is a portable, user friendly device that counts your steps by detecting motion of the hips. Pedometers are still to this day used by Universities & Research Clinics for activity monitoring due to their simple yet accurate method of counting steps. To find out more about how pedometers function, view our article on Counting Your Steps.

10,000 Steps recommends Yamax branded pedometers for their accuracy and validity in counting steps.  You can purchase 10,000 Steps branded pedometers direct from our supplier Health Management Group. Health Management Group offers special bulk pricing for Workplaces & 10,000 Steps Coordinators. Please contact Health Management Group to discuss which 10,000 Steps Pedometer will be most suited to your budget & requirements. You can view further information and purchase pedometers and 10,000 Steps branded merchandise through the button below.

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